Company Info

Dream Plus is a new enterprise engaged in the development and operation of mobile value-added entertainment products. We will take talents as the core, technology as the foundation, service demand as the guide, and improve the ability of game production as the goal, and set up a team with advanced game concept and excellent game production ability.


The company is determined to realize the integration of research and operation in the field of smart phone online games, adhere to the user experience as the basis, and make the most top-level experience games. The company starts to realize the global strategy. The company will use the experience and resources of successful distribution of self-developed products to act as an agent for the development of domestic excellent products overseas. At present, the company will maintain a long-term good cooperation relationship on all platforms, and conduct product research and development, operation of products and other cooperation affairs.



The company has a group of young people who are full of passion and creativity. They pursue the acme, are not afraid of hardship, are full of vision for the future, are full of desire and confidence for success, and are committed to helping more game R & D teams to succeed and become the global cultural communication leader.